Leaping Lions Room

Leaping Lions Room (3-5years)

At Hoppers we believe every child is unique and has the ability to learn in their own individual way. At a young age, children are constantly learning as they encounter so many new and interesting things. With our support and care we know that we can enable children to be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. These are the essential building blocks to enable them to make the successful transition to school. Through carefully managed learning opportunities we will support children to build positive relationships as they move from playing alongside others to playing with others.

Healthy Learning environment

Our Leaping Lions Room is situated on the first floor. It is open plan and is appealing, promoting an enabling and stimulating environment. At this age, our approach is to prepare and support children in their development towards transitioning into school. We provide many opportunities and have weekly set activities including literacy and maths to assist in developing the appropriate skills ready for the next phase. All areas set in the room are in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum that we work from, to enhance development and understanding. All staff are trained and are dedicated in providing the best possible care for your children.

With our location, we are lucky enough to live by a number of farms and shops and these are sometimes destinations on any outings/walks we go on. We strive to arrange at least one trip out per term with use of our mini-bus. Trips we have been on previously include; to see pantomimes at the theatre, to the garden centre to purchase planting materials to sow in the front area, to greenhead park and to the farm shop next door for breakfast. 

In the Leaping Lions room, we follow the Early Years Foundation stage, which is evident in your child’s online learning journey with lots of different observations and records of achievement. This new online system also gives you the opportunity to do your own observations at home to add into your child’s learning journey.

School Links

Having previously been based at Wellhouse School and serving the schools within the Heights Federation and Scapegoat Hill, we have already developed effective school links within our community. We work closely with the schools in our locality to support your children on the next stage of their educational journey.

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